Up Ended HOME Underfloor Heating Depth

Underfloor Heating Depth

UFH (underfloor heating) is a great way to heat your home. It’s ideal for modern homes with open plan living, especially as it works well with hard floor finishes and means you don’t have to worry about space for radiators. Underfloor heating can also reduce noise levels as it’s a very quiet system, operating almost silently under the floorcovering. URL https://underfloorheatingscreed.uk

Generally speaking, there are two main types of underfloor heating: electric systems and water/hydronic systems. As the name suggests, wet underfloor heating systems use water to deliver warm heat underneath your floorcoverings. The pipework is embedded into the floor construction and often sits above a layer of insulation. This type of underfloor heating is best suited for new-build and extension projects as it can be incorporated into the design and planning stages before any building work begins.

However, water or hydronic underfloor heating can be installed in renovation projects too if the correct product is chosen. Grant UK’s Total-16 System for example, has been designed to be as small and low profile as possible – making it ideal for retrofits and new-builds alike.

UFH Screed: Ensuring Efficient Underfloor Heating Installation

To accommodate these smaller, lower profile systems, manufacturers have developed pre-machined overlay board solutions that the pipes are clipped into rather than a traditional liquid screed or sand/cement solution. These pre-cut boards provide more flexibility and can give installers a better chance to route the piping around the room. This will help to improve the performance of the system by reducing unwanted floor temperature fluctuations that can happen in older floors where there are multiple layers of flooring and insulation.

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