Up Ended Tech Trace IP Addresses With Accurate IP Lookup

Trace IP Addresses With Accurate IP Lookup

The internet is built on the principle of transparency, accountability and traceability for online activities. That’s why it’s important to understand how the location of your digital devices relates to your IP addresses, and what effect this has on your privacy.Get More Information

Can police track IP address?

An IP address is the unique identifier for every device connected to the internet, and is used to identify the specific geographic location of that device. It’s similar to a physical address connecting your home, apartment or business to a worldwide network of mail/postal and package delivery services.

Your IP address can be traced by anyone on the internet, from companies you do business with to friends and family who email you. This is because your IP address is public and included (although hidden) in the requests you make when you visit websites or use online services.

Typically, your ISP will maintain records of which IP addresses are assigned to their customers and can provide this information to law enforcement upon request. Third parties like MaxMind and IP2Location can also provide additional details on an IP address, such as country and city of origin.

One of the most crucial applications of IP geolocation is providing emergency response services with accurate, real-time location information from callers who use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) to contact 911. This helps reduce response times and saves lives in critical situations.

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