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The Best Cold Press Juicer

best cold press juicer

When choosing a juicer, you want to be able to make brightly flavored and smoothly textured juices with minimal effort. You also want the machine to be sturdy and easy to clean, and to take up minimal counter space. We tested dozens of models, paying special attention to how quiet they were, how big their feed tube was, whether they could handle wheatgrass and other tougher produce, and more.

The intelligent merchandising is a masticating model that spits out silky smooth, flavorful juice with minimal pulp. Our favorite is the Omega 365 Juice Extractor and Nutrition Center, which comes in several fresh colors to match your kitchen. It’s also easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. This model can juice everything from leafy greens to carrots, and it’s affordable for people who might not be ready to invest in a more premium machine.

Going Green: Cold Press Juicer Recipes for Leafy Greens and Herbs

Centrifugal models are the fastest and easiest to use, but they’re louder and produce more dry pulp than masticating juicers. We recommend the Breville Juice Fountain XL, which is fast and powerful and doesn’t require much prep before using. It has a large chute, and the blades are easily removable for cleaning.

For those who are new to juicing, the Nama J2 was the easiest and most efficient model to use. It’s the smallest and lightest juicer we tested, and it takes up very little counter space. It’s also quick to assemble and disassemble, and it was easy to clean—but its small capacity means you’ll need to empty the pulp basket often if you’re making more than one cup of juice.

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