Up Ended blog Portrait Animals – How to Capture the True Personality of Your Subject

Portrait Animals – How to Capture the True Personality of Your Subject


Animals are not only a huge part of most families’ lives but have a unique spark that makes them each special. For that reason, pet owners have a deep love for their pets and often look to artists to capture their best features on canvas or screen. As a result, portraits of dogs, cats, horses and other animals make popular prints, paintings, embroidered gifts and digital masterpieces.Resource: retrato animales – verywoof.com

How do you make a pet portrait from a picture?

Whether you’re an experienced photographer or new to the field, creating animal portraits can be a rewarding experience. But it takes a little extra thought to create images that do justice to your subject. Choosing the right background, angle and lighting are important to capturing the true personality of your subject.

The key to an eye-catching animal portrait is focusing on the details of your subject that are unique and individual. Whether that’s the texture of a gelada monkey’s mane or the sinews in its skin, capturing these unique characteristics can make for an image with impact.

Using a controlled experiment, researchers found that viewing an animal portrait for 30 s resulted in an average increase of positive emotion and a feeling of relaxation compared to receiving no image. In addition, seeing an animal portrait evoked a greater sense of empathy than traditional wildlife images. This finding supports the hypothesis that animal portraits serve a dual purpose: attention-grabbing and visual education. However, this doesn’t mean that traditional wildlife photographs are not important, as they can also serve the latter purpose by educating individuals about the natural habitat of an animal and increasing the desire to learn more.

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