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Concrete Repair Kits

When cracks occur in a concrete structure it can be extremely difficult to determine the extent of damage without breaking up or drilling into the concrete. Nondestructive evaluation methods such as impact-echo and radar can reveal a lot without having to open the concrete up for inspection. Once the damaged areas are identified the repair method can be determined.

Depending on the type of repair that is required there are many different products available in various sizes and prices. It is always best to talk to a concrete service expert who can recommend the appropriate product for your specific needs.

Choosing the Right Concrete Repair Kit for Your Project

Concrete repair kit are a great option for contractors and do-it-yourselfers to quickly and effectively address any concrete problems they may encounter. These kits are packed with the same materials professional concrete repair contractors use to fix concrete cracks and surface deterioration.

The most common concrete repair method is to pour a crack filler or concrete patching material into the voids of cracked concrete. Some of these products are designed for very small cracks in concrete, while others are used to repair larger voids such as control joints or large holes in concrete.

One of the most popular and versatile concrete crack repair materials is Hydra Stop 300. This is a low-viscosity liquid urethane that flows into the basement and other large voids to seal the void and stop water leaks. It is easy to mix, and apply and will not shrink once cured. It also is unaffected by the salts and chemicals that erode concrete and can hold up to heavy truck and forklift traffic.

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