Day: December 8, 2023

Protect Your Car Park With WaterproofingProtect Your Car Park With Waterproofing

Protect your car park with waterproofing have unique demands on their surfaces which require a high level of protection to ensure they can withstand the natural degradation that all exposed structures are vulnerable to. Car park decks are subjected to a high level of traffic, mechanical damage, exhaust fumes, de-icing salts, chemicals and carbonation which can speed up the deterioration of a surface. Waterproofing can help to reduce these negative effects and protect the overall structure, allowing it to remain in good condition for longer.

Waterproofing is a material used to protect an entire structure or specific materials from deterioration by sealing them with a membrane. This can be done through either a liquid or solid application depending on the situation.

Guarding Your Investment: The Essential Role of Waterproofing in Car Park Protection

When selecting a waterproofing solution it’s important to consider factors such as the product’s tensile strength, adhesion strength, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. Additionally, if your car park is located in a tropical climate you’ll need to look at waterproofing solutions with UV protection.

The right waterproofing system will not only provide long term durability but will also improve the aesthetic of your car park, resulting in a safer and more attractive parking experience for visitors. Some car park waterproofing systems also offer anti-slip finishes to minimise slips and falls which can occur in wet weather conditions. As well as this, some liquid car park waterproofing solutions have a quick drying time which reduces downtime and allows the car park to be used again as soon as possible.