Day: November 28, 2023

PI Lawyer Miami FLPI Lawyer Miami FL

When you suffer a serious injury due to another person’s negligence, it can be challenging to know what to do next. Besides getting medical attention, you may have to fill out paperwork and speak with insurance companies about your injury. All of this can take a lot of time, especially if you’re recovering from an accident and trying to get back to work.

How do I protect my settlement money from taxes?

A PI lawyer Miami FL will handle these administrative tasks for you so that you can focus on healing. The right lawyer will also have the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. In addition to medical bills, a Orlando Murillo personal injury lawyer will fight for other damages including pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and property damage.

The renowned lawyers at Freidin Brown, P.A. have handled some of the largest personal injury cases in Florida and have received praise from governors, senators, and Supreme Court justices, among others. They are also dedicated to representing victims of accidents that cause severe or catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries, brain traumas, and burns. They have won substantial financial settlements for clients who were injured due to the negligent actions of large corporations and insurance companies. They also represent surviving family members of deceased victims and have won compensation for their losses and expenses. They understand how devastating the loss of a loved one can be, and they work hard to achieve justice on behalf of the victim’s families.…